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Making faces…learning emotions…

TGIF! The day that everyone looks forward to, am I right? Well, not for a SAHM or a kid who is on holiday…. Everyday seems to be the same day…I do see parents who have been praying that school holidays end soon as it is more tiring for them than non school holidays. But for the children? They are praying hard that school holidays don’t end so soon! Contradicting isn’t it? That’s the different point of view from different people. So, don’t always see or think about things in just 1 way. Makes sense?

Today we are embarking on the journey of faces and emotions! Not sure if it’s due to hormones? Boys don’t really express themselves as much as girls? Do they? I have been asking my boy how he feels everyday and he will always reply me, “I am HAPPY!” and now my younger daughter is following her brother’s footsteps. No doubt, to a parent, seeing their children happy is a good thing but everyday is happy day without other emotions is kind of …. hmm…. weird….

In order to make sure that they are really happy. I have decided to make a felt face/head with different types of eyes, hair and mouths to teach them about faces and emotions. This is how it looks like:

I asked my boy, as usual, how he feels and can he show me by making the face on the felt. This is what he did:

fe1 f1

He made a happy face of a boy but later added a moustache to it because he finds the moustache too cute to resist. I burst out laughing as I couldn’t resist his “love” of moustache!

Now is my girl’s turn and I asked her the same question. This is what she did:

She showed me this and told me she is surprised to see this funny faces and that puts a big smile on my face as she used the word “surprise”. I guess I am worrying too much, am I? Hahaha… and so we proceed on to making lots of faces with different emotions. Of course, I continue on to test them on what is angry, what is sly (this is tricky as we seldom use this word, so I had a hard time trying to explain this to them), what is cheeky, what is thinking,what is guilty, etc…
f6  f4f5

Then came the word pain and my girl can really relate it well because she is having a cut on her toe!
f2 f3

The kids truly had a lot of fun with this new “toy” especially the younger one. She sat at the table for almost 30mins just on that, which she usually will run off in 10mins.
fe9 fe3

Finally, I made them show me different kinds of emotions that they learn today.
fe7 fe6

Alright, I guess I am worrying too much! They do know what are the different types of emotions and how they feel. I can now confirm they are happy kids! Hahaha… Till then…*muaks*

*PS: if you are interested to get a set of “Faces and emotions” , do drop us an email to order. Alternatively, you can check out our shop too!
Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂




I am a busy mummy of 2 wonderful kids. Their thirst for learning has made me busy researching and making learning resources/materials for them. Most of the time will be according to the topics that they have requested. Otherwise, I will randomly pick a topic and create the materials for them. Most of the time, the materials will include right brain training as well. From them, I get to learn a lot too! However, material preparation is quite a challenge! It will even be more challenging if you are a working parent! Here, I would love to share what we have done and hope busy parents out there will find our materials useful for their little one. If you have any queries/comments or if you have any topics that you would like to cover with your little one(s), do drop me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can :) Our mission is to find, discover and reveal the fun of kids learning! Drop us a message if you are interested in any of our materials. Let's make learning fun!

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