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Japanese cheesecake or huat kueh?

Howdy! It’s baking day for the kids again and they can’t get enough of it. In the past, I used to be the person-in-command. It’s always me who will decide what to bake and what are the steps. Time has changed. Now my boy is the person-in-command. He will always tell me what he wants to bake and will read out the recipe for me. Of course, if I don’t have the necessary ingredients, they will still have to follow my final decision. Is that good or bad? You decide… 😉

Now that my boy knows how to read and has become more “daring”. He will follow the instructions on the recipe and weigh out all the ingredients, with me and his sister as his assistants. My little girl will also wants to make the decision too! She will deicide how long to beat the egg whites. Recipe has been asking for soft peak but she insisted on beating it longer and, thus,it turned out to be stiff. Anyway, we continued on with our “work”, keeping my fingers crossed that the cake is edible later on. LOL!

The batter is ready and the kids can’t wait to pour it out onto each little baking cups. 
20140826_113027-1_Fotor_Collage 20140826_113027-2_Fotor_Collage

Finally, their favourite steps: sprinkling of chocolate chips and chocolate rice! 

You can see the mess that the little one has created (from the above picture) and my boy even spilled the whole bowl of chocolate rice onto the floor. Am I angry? No. They just have to clean it up while I was transferring the cakes into the oven. 

Every few minutes, the kids will popped over at the oven to have a look at how the cakes progressing. To my horror, it became huat kueh!!! I guess it was due to the “overbeating” of the egg whites?!?! 

Ding!! Our little cakes are ready. We took out the cakes from the oven and the kids were happy at how the cakes turned out and they can’t wait to try it out. Surprisingly, the cakes tasted really good! It was really spongy and soft. Good job, my little ones!!



I am a busy mummy of 2 wonderful kids. Their thirst for learning has made me busy researching and making learning resources/materials for them. Most of the time will be according to the topics that they have requested. Otherwise, I will randomly pick a topic and create the materials for them. Most of the time, the materials will include right brain training as well. From them, I get to learn a lot too! However, material preparation is quite a challenge! It will even be more challenging if you are a working parent! Here, I would love to share what we have done and hope busy parents out there will find our materials useful for their little one. If you have any queries/comments or if you have any topics that you would like to cover with your little one(s), do drop me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can :) Our mission is to find, discover and reveal the fun of kids learning! Drop us a message if you are interested in any of our materials. Let's make learning fun!

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