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1,2,3…SMILE! with Twokitz

For those of you who are already fans of Twokitz, you may have already read their post about the photoshoot with Young Smarties. Yes, that’s right, with us! We were very honoured to be invited by Twokitz to be their fashion models for their new range of clothes.

For those of you who do not know who Twokitz is: Twokitz is an online boutique shop that provides children fashion from age 1-7 years old. Their range of clothes and fashion apparels come from several sources (Malaysia,Taiwan, Thailand, China & Korea) and they do make sure the quality of their products are to the customers’ satisfaction.

The shoot started around late morning and, to our surprise, it ended within 2 hours! The smarties were very cooperative, which is why the job gets done real fast 🙂 Not forgetting Clickzstudio, who was really nice to play Smarties’ favourite songs in order to entertain them while they “work”.

The little ones started warming up by playing with the camera and props in the studio.
DSC_8030-1 DSC_8037-1

Alright, we have warmed up enough and now is time to start “working”! Busy mommy assisting with the smarties posting and attire.
IMG_7019-1 IMG_7109-1

No matter what, our smarties were having loads of fun while taking pictures with lots of changing involved. You know what, the smarties asked me why do they need to change so many clothes? My reply…. because you are the model, also known as the hanger. You need to wear/hang all the clothes so that other people can see them well and they went: “Ahhhhh! I see!”.

We were all laughing away with more happy photos taken.
IMG_7000-1 IMG_7311-1

Thank you once again to Twokitz for providing this opportunity for the smarties. We had great fun with tons of laughter!

Want to know what are the clothes that our smarties have been wearing for the shoot or looking for children more clothings/apparels/accessories? Come and check out Twokitz!
Their website is and their Facebook is

Have a great day!



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