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Let’s learn prepositions!

It’s been a while since our last update. How have you been? We had a really hectic start of the year with all the spring cleaning, welcoming and celebrating of Chinese New Year, followed by little one falling sick. Sounds tiring? Well… is fun during the Chinese New Year with all the good food and company but not the part falling sick and looking after a whiny kid.

After all have been settled, we are back with learning fun! What are we learning today? Prepositions! This time round, I have my boy teaching his little sister what preposition is about. It was really heart warming to see the brother spending the time and patience to teach his little “not-so-alert” sister (she just recovered from a stomach flu). It is good for him  as well because it helps him to better understand what he had learn too.

We started off reading a little reader. The brother will read to his little sister and  she will select the correct picture to be placed on the page. Sometimes the brother gets a little too helpful and giving the little sister the answer instead….oh well….
IMG_9244-1 IMG_9248-1

Do you know that listening skill is very important? If you observe carefully, listening is the one skill that you use the most in everyday life. Listening comprehension is the basis for your speaking, writing and reading skills. In order to train your listening skills, it is important to listen attentively and to actively pay attention to what you are listening to. It is good to make it a habit for your child/children to listen to audio books, songs, etc. It is definitely beneficial to nurture them when young on their listening skills.

Listening comprehension don’t have to be boring and this is how we do it. For the sister, I will read sentence by sentence for her so that she can placed the correct objects at the correct positions; that is according to what I read to her. The picture looked like she’s bored. Actually she is trying to figure out, or should I say, she can’t decide whether to move the chalkboard picture more to the left or to the right.

IMG_9261-1 IMG_9274-1

As for the brother, I will read the whole passage at one go and he will have to listen attentively. After the whole passage has been read, he will then have to place the objects at the correct positions according to what I have just read from the story.

Next, we have writing skills. The brother will work on his comprehension while the sister will further practice on her prepositions and recognising the words.

IMG_9296-1 IMG_9304-1

After learning about prepositions, what do we do next? Stay tuned for more in our next blog post! 😉



I am a busy mummy of 2 wonderful kids. Their thirst for learning has made me busy researching and making learning resources/materials for them. Most of the time will be according to the topics that they have requested. Otherwise, I will randomly pick a topic and create the materials for them. Most of the time, the materials will include right brain training as well. From them, I get to learn a lot too! However, material preparation is quite a challenge! It will even be more challenging if you are a working parent! Here, I would love to share what we have done and hope busy parents out there will find our materials useful for their little one. If you have any queries/comments or if you have any topics that you would like to cover with your little one(s), do drop me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can :) Our mission is to find, discover and reveal the fun of kids learning! Drop us a message if you are interested in any of our materials. Let's make learning fun!

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