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We’re on a tour: The LTa Gallery Tour

Told the kids that we will be going to the LTa Gallery tour today and they were really excited about it. What is LTa Gallery? It is a gallery that allows you to have an overview of how our Land Transport in Singapore has transformed or evolved and also a peek of how it will be like in the near future.

Once we reached there, we were greeted by a friendly and smiley “tour guide”. We started off with our guide showing us pictures of the transport systems from the major cities around the world including Singapore own’s system as well. Then we were led to a room with a simulated MRT station where we have to “wait” for the train to arrive. When the door opens, we were being brought back to the yesteryears which showcase all the modes of transport used in Singapore.

The kids were busy exploring the signboards and road names here.

Do you know what he’s doing here? (Pardon the “not-so-clear” picture as the room was pretty dark.) He’s actually the “traffic light” or we can also say the traffic police. He has a “pair of wings” behind him which direct the traffic to stop and go.

The kids started exploring the rest of the transport that were being used in the past. It’s pretty cool!
20150404_134011-1 20150404_134116-1

The next room, we were shown the bus tickets, bus guides and the licences that were being used previously and how it evolved. Do you recognise any of them?
20150404_134428-1 20150404_134452-1

We were also shown how the licence plates evolved over the years before we have our current ERP system in place.

Not forgetting the car plates that we have now as well, with our guide explaining what each plate means and its usage.

Thereon, our guide explained the challenges that LTA faced while developing the system and getting to where we are today and for the future. Subsequently, we were being brought into a Challenge Theatre to become a transport planner. When the door to the Challenge Theatre opens, the kids gave a “Woah!”. Why? It has a few rows of seats that look very much like F1 seats. What do we do there? It provides an interactive multi-player game where everyone can take part in. Pretty awesome! (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures as I was too engrossed in the game myself! Oops!)

Before the tour ends, we were being brought to the future to have a glimpse of how the transport system will be like. Overall, the LTa gallery tour is informative and educational.

What’s more? It is free! 🙂



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