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Cafe hunting at Tanjong Pagar

We were out on a mission to hunt for a nice and cool with lovely light food cafe over the weekend. We’ve always love the area at Tanjong Pagar and as you may know, the area is full of cool hideout cafes. Another reason for coming to Tanjong Pagar is also to give a little history lesson to our smarties.

If you do not know, Tanjong Pagar was a lucrative ground for rickshaw pullers awaiting clients. It has attracted wealthy Chinese and Arab traders to buy real estate there. It was also once a veritable sewer of brothels and opium dens resulted from rapid increase of impoverished workers. The area has since come a long way from its past city ghetto image. In order to conserve the buildings, the government has refurbished these iconic shophouses and leased out to trendy tenants which brought much liveliness and vibrancy to this neighbourhood.

Our smarties love “walking down the aisle”, observing and discovering interesting shops with unique decorations either within the shop or outside. Before we know it, we came to a little “hole” with bright light shining from within. They wanted to find out what’s in there and so we followed them. (Feel like Alice in Wonderland where Alice followed a rabbit while we followed our children). Guess what he saw?
20150524_123608-1 20150524_123626-1

Pretty cool door handle, isn’t it?

When we pushed open the door, it gave us a really pleasant surprise! The place smells of nice coffee and food. Before we actually stepped in, we were greeted by a smiley friendly staff who guided us to a table.

We can’t wait to check out the menu on what they served.
20150524_124512-1 20150524_124516-1

While daddy is ordering, the smarties started their drawing to entertain themselves.

Love their idea of using recycled materials as a container for the sugar…

and the tin with number as our “queue number”.

Just nice, as they finished up their drawings, the food is served. This is their chocolate flourless cake with ice cream.

The smarties can’t wait to try. It has really rich chocolatey taste but is kinda “hard” and chewy. Nonetheless, they still love it because it has ice cream! 

As for the adults, we ordered a 7 spiced chai latte. Really very “spiced up”! After a sip, I couldn’t continue on.

Next came our chicken pie. First thing that the smarties eat is not the pie but the chips. The pie was tasty and sufficiently moist but the chips served was a little hard. The smarties took a piece and they stopped. I love the salad!

Finally, the pancake with strawberries are here!

Pardon the blurry pics of the food as the little ones can’t wait to start trying the food. Look at this, one is trying take a pic, the other trying to pour the caramel and another trying to get hold of the strawberry! We love the caramel dressing but the pancakes were a bit too much for us to handle. It’s pretty thick and there were 3 pieces of it. We can’t finish it at all.

We really like the place for its homely interior and cozy feel. As for the food, we may have second thoughts. Do take note of their busy meal hours! Lucky for us, we arrived early. As we were waiting for our food, we saw several groups came in and waiting to be seated! Avoid the meal hours if you can!

Here’s our pancake cheers!



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