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Sun, sand and sea… Phuket, here we come! (Part 1)

We love holidays! Who doesn’t?? We love outdoors, hence this month we have made plans  to bring our smarties to somewhere with sun, sand and sea for them to enjoy. Yes, that’s right. It’s Phuket (Thailand). Our smarties were thrilled when the day finally came and they packed their toys into their own trunki. Fully prepared for their trip. It was a really early flight to Phuket and we thought the little ones will be cranky having to wake up before sunrise. Surprisingly, they were too elated to feel grumpy. Once we boarded the plane, they just took the time to recharge themselves with rest and food.

For this trip, we will be staying at Thara Patong Resort. What we love about this resort is that it has 2 swimming pools for both adults and children. Our smarties had great fun running and exploring the 2 children pools. Finally they settled down on the one with water sprinklers and slides in it. The kids had a good swim as the weather there was scorching hot. They were reluctant to leave when they were told to.
20150619_114023-1 20150619_113743-1

Evening came and it was time for our dinner and a night of Fantasy, oops… I meant Fantasea. For those who have been there before will know that Phuket Fantasea is the biggest, most overtly touristy attraction in Phuket. It is a huge theme park with a huge stage show, a huge buffet restaurant and plenty of shops to tempt people into spending more than just the entrance fee. Take a look at their ticketing corner. Isn’t it grand?

Here are some of the shops that will tempt you to spend and spend if you couldn’t resist. 😉 IMG_2228-1 IMG_2226-1

This is where the show will be held: Palace of the Elephants.
IMG_2240-1 IMG_2244-1

Before that we headed to the restaurant for our sumptuous dinner. Look at the grand entrance and the huge interior of the restaurant. Don’t you feel like you are in a palace?
IMG_2249-1 IMG_2254-1

By the time we were done with our dinner, the sky has turned dark. But the area looked really beautiful with all the lightings. The lights and the night gave the place a more magical feeling. The Palace of the Elephants as we saw it just now has turned into this. Tourists get to enjoy elephant rides around this area too.

The show hasn’t started yet, so we toured around the area and ended up in their game zone (a place we called arcade). The kids were stuck in there for quite some time till we have to drag them out.

There was even a stage show to entertain the tourists before the actual theatre show starts.

Just like any theatre showsall type of cameras and even including those handphone which have camera and video are strictly prohibited from entering the theater. They were very strict with that and you have to deposit them in the counter and collect them after the show is completed.

In summary, the show was very entertaining. There were many animals featured on the dazzling stage especially starring a row of huge elephants, trapeze artists where they swing high up in the sky wearing glow-in-the-dark costumes. The only scary part, if you bring along kids, was the blast from their explosives during the show. You may want to take note of this if you are bringing along your little ones. The amazing thing about the show was the part where the chicken running in line on the stage! They seem to know where to go to without anyone chasing after them. Who would have thought of training chickens for stage/theatre shows?

Here is a picture that I have gotten from someone else’s website for you to have a glimpse of how the stage and the show looks like.

After the show has completed and we have collected our cameras and phones, we took our transport back to our resort for a good night rest before we start off another early day.

Want to know what we did the next day? Stay tuned for our Part 2 of the trip while we proceed on to our lalaland. 😉



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