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One night at Singapore Night Festival

We attended the night festival once last year and we really love it. This year, we went again. We didn’t manage to go on the first week but we managed to soak in the fun and artistic atmosphere on the last day of the festival. It is also a great chance to bring the kids to learn more about Singapore’s heritage, arts and culture in a completely different light! Best of all, we won a Singapore Night Festival survival pack from a lucky draw organised by bras basah.bugis.
Note: The image is grabbed from bras bash.bugis site. 

Right after our dinner, we squeezed our way to the National Museum. Yes, squeezed because it was really really crowded and the weather wasn’t really kind to us that night. It was pretty warm and stuffy but come to think of it, it didn’t rain. So the weather wasn’t really that bad after all. Everyone was heading to the same place awaiting to watch the show by Garden of Angels, a performance by Theater Tol from Belgium. Along the way there, we saw some nice decorations up in the trees.
Banyan TreeLe Desir et la Menace is a collection of three bird wire sculptures (only this pic is clear) perched on the branches of the National Museum’s majestic banyan tree, creating a magical atmosphere as you approach. 

Drawn in Light by Ralf Westerof (Netherlands)

While waiting for the show to start, the kids (of course, we adults as well) were enjoying the Anooki show. The cute little characters came alive and ran riot across the façade of the National Museum in a story specially created for the festival and Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. It was really adorable and with the music that went with it, it made it even more fascinating for the audiences especially the kids!

Finally, what we were waiting for has started! It is the first time that the kids got to watch live music theatre performance outdoor. We were all mesmerised by the beautiful and handsome performers.

Suddenly, everyone turned to the direction where the crane was located. It was the “flying angels” turn to perform!
garden of angels1

To tell you the truth, watching someone hanging right above us is kinda scary and made me really worried. On the other hand, it might feel like having freedom “flying” in the sky. What’s more, the performers threw different types of objects down to everyone of us, making it kind of interactive. Don’t worry, no hard objects. There were just balloons, streamers, feathers, etc. Both adults and kids were all grabbing whatever flown down to the ground.
garden of angels2

After the show, we headed to the SMU site for other activities. The kids get to legally and openly drew on a Volkswagen Beetle.

Next, we moved on to another corner where the kids get to play with florescent lights. We saw many different creations by the people who got the chance to play with it. They really spot the right place to have this activity as the location was truly dark, thus making the lights really pretty.
light1 light2

It was getting late and the kids looked pretty worn out. We headed home after playing with the lights. On the whole, it was an enriching night for all of us. The kids enjoyed themselves a lot! We can’t wait to attend the Singapore Night Fest for 2016.



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