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Rrrr is for…

We are learning the letter r this week! So how do we get started? What comes to you mind when you teach the letter r? Rabbit, road, reindeer, robot, rice, and many more…

This week we are not using any do-a-dot marker instead we are using a race car to practice tracing the letter r! Mei mei had a great time zooming along the huge capital letter r with her racing car. Did you notice the word “racing/race” car starts with the letter r too?

Alrighty, we now switched back to using pen to write the letter. A little practice on prewriting before proceeding to write capital and small letter r.

We had a little treasure hunt at home searching for toys or any other objects that starts with the letter r. We had a little challenge too! Each of us hold onto a basket, we will placed the object into the basket whenever we found the particular object that starts with letter r. The one who had the most objects will get to eat ice-cream!!

After the treasure hunt, we sat down for some ice-cream together. Yes, together. I lost the game and she shared her ice-cream with me. Sweet right? 😉

After physical activity, we proceeded on to desk bound activity where she matched the objects to the letter r on the worksheet. She read the ring on her worksheet and started putting on all her rings on all her fingers! I don’t deny, she’s a vain pot…LOL! (PS: those are not diamond rings. Those are just plastic rings from her toy beauty set.)

We had some memory card game after all the worksheets were done and she was determined to get more cards than me. Wonder why she’s so happy? That’s because she gets to play while she learns! Which kid doesn’t like this way of learning? memorygame

Before we end the lesson, she fed the rabbits with carrots with the correct R or r while lying on the floor.

Enough of brain exercises, now is time to rest and relax. Hey, the words start with letter r too!

So, what are the learning opportunities involved here? Here’s the list, the activities allowed your child to:
– learn about words and objects starting with the letter Rr
– train his/her hand-eye coordination and control
– increase his/her creativity and imagination
– concentration/focus
– train his/her fine motor skills
– train his/her phonemic awareness
– train his/her memory
– learning to share

Hope you had a great time learning with us too!

We will be digitising the worksheets and  upload to our store. If you are interested, do email us on getting a copy of the Letter B learning pack or get a copy at our website:



I am a busy mummy of 2 wonderful kids. Their thirst for learning has made me busy researching and making learning resources/materials for them. Most of the time will be according to the topics that they have requested. Otherwise, I will randomly pick a topic and create the materials for them. Most of the time, the materials will include right brain training as well. From them, I get to learn a lot too! However, material preparation is quite a challenge! It will even be more challenging if you are a working parent! Here, I would love to share what we have done and hope busy parents out there will find our materials useful for their little one. If you have any queries/comments or if you have any topics that you would like to cover with your little one(s), do drop me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can :) Our mission is to find, discover and reveal the fun of kids learning! Drop us a message if you are interested in any of our materials. Let's make learning fun!

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