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Appreciating music with “Fun with Music”

We had a fantastic quiet bonding time together over the weekend at the Esplanade Concert Hall watching the “Fun with Music” musical show.

Fun with Music was a musical concert meant for families (singles or couples can still go, they won’t reject you). Just like a typical musical concert, the stage was filled with chairs and music stands. The moment we stepped into the hall, daddy turned around and told me:”This is going to be super boring for the kids.” I thought, wait till you watched it. Lo and behold! Daddy was so engrossed in the show that he didn’t even moved an inch!

Why would I say is quiet (not because daddy didn’t move an inch)?  
Because none of us talk much during the concert except when smarties were asking some questions or when o0h-ing and wah-ing during the “show” or when the host was asking questions and the audiences, including us, answering back.

Why would I say is bonding? 
Because all of us, seated together, were 100% focusing on the single thing and that’s the people on the stage. None of us flipped out our phones or iPads to check on it.

So how did Fun with Music made the show fun? 
On top of the orchestra itself who made music to our ears. Special guest or group of guests will appear on stage and each guest appearance played different types of instruments to make the musical even more interesting.

They have proved to us that no matter what type of musical instruments we play, we can all make music together. We were amazed how pipa, tuba, sand board and even sand artist can each work together so well with the orchestra.

Not forgetting, story telling session together with the orchestra with a little joke in it. Everyone plays a big part during the show.

My view?
The musical concert wasn’t just a regular classical concert as many may have expected. Indeed, it was engaging and enjoyable show throughout. We saw how the conductor controlled the musicians but we get to control our imagination. Each music played, triggered our imagination and emotions. As a parent, I find this a very good exposure to anyone (not only kids).

Best of all, they have even spent the effort to give a little surprise at the end of the show with loads of balloons raining onto the audiences. Smarties were so excited catching the balloons falling on them.

Some of it even flew to the stage…

The left over after most of the audiences had left…

The show ended with everyone feeling happy, especially kids with their favourite colour balloons. I’m really glad I have brought smarties to catch this concert. Not only do they get the exposure on the different types of instruments, how they play and how everyone works together, they get to appreciate more in depth about music too!

Fun with Music was indeed very fun plus the music. Thanks to them for providing such a wonderful evening of music to us. We hope to catch it again!





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22 thoughts on “Appreciating music with “Fun with Music”

  1. Sounds interesting! I used to bring my children to the SSO Babies Prom but they have both outgrown it. This looks like the next event I can bring my children for music exposure and appreciation!


  2. I’m so intrigued by the balloons!! Were the chidren distracted by the pretty ballooms? I’m sure the music performance was fun too! looks like a very colourful and entertaining performance by the musicians


    1. The balloons were released at the end of the show. Not only kids were excited, even adults too. Some of the adults were really nice, they make sure kids around them have a balloon by passing the balloons around.


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