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Our exotic pet: lizard

Smarties have been asking for a pet. I couldn’t afford a real one and so we made a craft one or should I say we crafted one. We made used of very very simple materials to make a very very simple craft pet each: a pet lizard. Yes, very very simple and very very affordable because no feeding is required. 😉

The materials required are just:
– paper
– decorating materials (crayons, colour pencils, stickers, etc)
– scissor
– double sided tape or glue
– ruler

Cut out the paper like the below. Pardon the red paper and the red table because that’s the smarties’ favourite colour.

You will only need to use the centre piece of paper shown above. Decorate it.

Once decoration is done, fold the 2 corners in and cut it. Use another piece of paper to make the head and the legs of the lizard.

Stick all parts together and you’ve got yourself a pet lizard!

It’s not real but at least smarties are happy with their exotic pets they have created. See how simple it is? If they want another pet, we can always make another one.

Interested to know what other pets we have? Do stay tuned to our blog for more 😉



I am a busy mummy of 2 wonderful kids. Their thirst for learning has made me busy researching and making learning resources/materials for them. Most of the time will be according to the topics that they have requested. Otherwise, I will randomly pick a topic and create the materials for them. Most of the time, the materials will include right brain training as well. From them, I get to learn a lot too! However, material preparation is quite a challenge! It will even be more challenging if you are a working parent! Here, I would love to share what we have done and hope busy parents out there will find our materials useful for their little one. If you have any queries/comments or if you have any topics that you would like to cover with your little one(s), do drop me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can :) Our mission is to find, discover and reveal the fun of kids learning! Drop us a message if you are interested in any of our materials. Let's make learning fun!

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